Fallen Doll 💃 Part 6 - Caught between two dildos in Cyberpunk Lab


Erika doesn't remember falling asleep, but she recognizes the room as the capsule containing her slides out to the open. She's in the same Cyberpunk Laboratory where she previously enjoyed orgasm after an orgasm delivered by the relentless machines. The machines that probed, poked and pumped in a, oh so lovely, way..

Erika gets comfortable on the padded table. Her memories of the last encounter play vividly in her head. Just thinking about it is already making her pussy wet. She wonders what pleasures her unseen watchers have planned for her this time..

Again, text on the computer says 'ASSUME THE POSITION' and displays 3D model leaning against the operating table. Without hesitation, Erika gets gets on the floor and bends over the table. As soon as she lifts her knee on the table, a machine springs to life behind her.

The machine aims it's dildo attachment towards Erika's tight asshole and wet pussy, but suddenly stops. Unable to control her lust anymore, Erika leans back on the machine dildo, which begin to pump her pussy with precise thrusts.

Erika loses herself to the machine's rhythm. There's something soothing in the way that the cold machinery fucks her. It doesn't grow tired, nor does it try to change angle or position all the time. It's not perfect though, as Erika soon realizes to her disappointment, as the machine pulls back the dildo at the exact moment of Erika's orgasm. Climaxing without anything inside her has always left Erika feeling bit hollow and yearning for more...

"Be careful what you wish for," goes the old saying. Erika's post-nut clarity is cut short as another machine activates in front of her. Before she knows it, a clamp captures Erika's left arm and the new machine plunges it's dildo head deep into Erika's mouth. The machine in Erika's rear is also back inside her, but this time the sensation is different, more extreme. The first machine's dildo head as started rotating! It's drilling itself deep into Erika's vagina as the other machine fucks her face.

Erika is mechanically molested from both front and back. It doesn't take long for her to reach her second orgasm. Kept in place by the clamped hand and two dildos, Erika can do little more than to shake as the orgasm washes over her naked body. The machines withdraw themselves from Erika's wet orifices and rotate around the table. They remain static, waiting for Erika to once again get into the correct position.

With a smile, Erika climbs onto the operating table. She gets on all fours like a good dog and presents her mouth and holes towards the machines. The machines smoothly slide into her mouth and pussy, but their gentle pumping is no longer enough to satisfy Erika's lust.

Erika starts sucking the dildo in front of her, moving her head in opposite rhythm to the machine's pumping. She grabs the robot arm and pulls her face towards it's frame, making the dildo slide deep in her throat. She tries to find a rhythm for maximum penetration; whenever the machine in front to her pulls away too far, she pushes her hips back to get the rotating rear dildo as deep inside of her pussy as possible.

The machines pull out again as soon as she reaches her third orgasm. Erika can feel her pussy pulsate as her panting breaths escapes her aching throat. How can it feel so blissful to be filled by these cold, unliving mechanisms? And are they somehow growing more devious, denying her of the very last moments of ecstasy, by always removing themselves too soon?

Or could there be someone unseen watching her, playing with her for their own enjoyment? These thoughts fill Erika with lust yet again...

To be continued!

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